Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     After incineration of his body, Kumarajiva's tongue was found intact.    
2.     Not until Kumarajiva brought and translated the sutras from India to China, the Chinese Buddhists were generally poor in understanding the profound doctrines of Buddhism.    
3.     Kumarajiva learned Buddhism from her mother.    
4.     Kumarajiva was a great translator in Buddhism but he was not an ordained monk.    
5.     Kumarajiva's translated works contributed to the development of various sects in Chinese Buddhism.    
6.     Hsuan-tsang was the founder of Three Shastra Sect, as he translated many principal sutras for this sect.    
7.     Hsuan-tsang sought for the true Buddhism in India, and left China for 16 years.    
8.     Hsuan-tsang was born in the noble family, who was well-supported by the kings in Tang Dynasty to travel to the west and seek for true Buddhism.    
9.     One of the greatest translation works of Hsuan-tsang was Amitabha Sutra.    
10.     During his life, Hsuan-tsang translated 75 scriptures in 1335 fasicles.