Illness is good medicine for living beings

People in the world take illness as suffering. However, the virtuous ones of old said, illness is good medicine for living beings." But, medicine is the opposite to illness. Why should we take illness as medicine? Because our bodies, which have appearances, can not be without illness. This circumstance compels it to be so. When people are not sick, they indulge themselves in indolence and pleasure-who would realize the circumstance? Only when the time that the sufferings of sicknesses oppress our bodies, do we will realize that our four great elements are not real. And human beings' lives are impermanent-So it becomes a good opportunity for repentance and awakening and help for vigorous cultivation. From the time when I left the home life to this day, I have encountered severe illnesses for three times. And it caused me to bring forth awakening and increase my cultivation every single time. So I truly believe that illness is good medicine. This is true expression indeed!



There is a saying in a Sutra text. When people slander me, the first word appears and the next word has not yet come into being. When the second word appears, the first word has already gone. This is like the movement of the wind, not real at all-If one would get angry by that; then, he will get angry by the magpie's singing and the crow's warbling. This saying is truly wonderful. But some may say," Perhaps someone writes a book to slander you. When you read it, every word is there and it stays there and will not go away. What method can we use to counteract this situation?" People do not know that paper is white and the ink is black. Then, which one is slandering Furthermore, every word consists of writing and rhyme. If m take a book of writing and rhyme as slandering; then, hundreds of thousands of millions of slanderous books appear in front of us. Why should we bother with that? Although this is the method to counteract slander, if we know that the self is empty, then, who is slandered?