Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     The founder of Tien-tai sect was Master Chih-i (┤╝ˇ¬).
2.     The Triple Truth (ĄT┐═) or The Three Truth were the fundamental teaching of Tien-tai sect.
3.     The principal text of Tien-tai sect is the Lotus Sutra, which expounds the wonderful Dharma of the One Vehicle.
4.     According to Tien-tai's classification of Buddhist teaching, Tien Tai's teaching is regarded as the Complete Teaching, and Gradual Teaching.
5.     With respect to the analogy of the Five Flavors, the flavor symbolizes Buddhist teaching in different degrees/levels.
6.     In Tien-tai sect, the world system of a thousand worlds is basically developed from the Ten Realms.
7.     There are Ten Features of Suchness in each world, such as form, nature, etc.
8.     'Self Retribution' or 'Proper Retribution' refers to the world that the beings live in, and Dependent Retribution refers to the living beings in the world.
9.     The theory of "Three Thousand Worlds" expresses the inter-permeation of all Dharmas and the ultimate unity of the whole universe.
10.     "Three Thousand Worlds" consists of 1000 small, 1000 medium and 1000 large worlds, which are "created" by a moment of thought, according to the profound doctrine of Tien-tai sect.