There is nothing wrong with wanting to be "big", "large," or "great." Once in a while, we all like to give big talks, so something great or be a big shot.

In wanting to be "big," we must first weigh ourselves to see if we are capable of bearing the weight of greatness. Without the necessary elements, it could become a burden that is too heavy for us to bear. For example, we can get confused if we encounter something that is beyond our comprehension and feel hurt when we run into someone, who is enraged. What do we do if others do not understand the way we conduct our affairs?

While some people love to wear big hats, live in a huge house and sleep in a king-size bed, others love to sit at the head of the table and eat an enormous meal. However, if we go too far in our pursuit of greatness, we may step on a lot of toes and end up in a position that is not very pleasant. Therefore, it is not easy for anyone to be "big" or "great."

In this world, the title of "big" should be recognized or given by others. For example, a lot of water is an ocean. A large, open piece of land is called a "vast" plain, and when there is a gathering of a lot of people, it becomes a crowd. A king is called "Your Highness" by others because he is the head of an empire.

In reality, no matter how large this world and universe are, they cannot be compared to the size of our mind. It is by far the biggest. The universe and all Dharma realms are within the realm of our mind. If our minds are so vast, why do we want to look elsewhere for greatness? Because people fail to recognize the vastness of their mind, they keep pursuing that which is big outside themselves. No matter how big or great anything can be outside our mind, its full potential may not be realized. There is nothing even the fairy godmother can do about it.

If we are to look for a needle in a haystack, it will be very difficult because the stack is too large. If we are to dream about becoming a big landlord, celebrity or a millionaire, we must be careful because the weight of "bigness" could easily wear us down. When a person wants to make his/her intentions known to others, he/she can express them through actions, written words or verbal expressions. However, in speech, some like to be truthful, modest or polite while others like to talk a lot and brag. By talking "big", one will forever be known as a person who is "full of air" or all words but no actions.

In order to conduct ourselves successfully in this world, we must have a big heart. Then, people will praise us for our broad-mindedness and our boundless capacity to tolerate and forgive. We will not be bothered by trivial matters and will be able to hold everything under the sun in our minds. Therefore, a big heart and a boundless mind are far more important than big talk or high status.

A person who is broad-minded is a person who is just and fair. He/she is capable of universal love and great compassion. A broad-minded person has great wisdom in providing others with great convenience. Therefore, we should be humble in dealing with others, mindful of principles over matters, and to speak less and do more. Moreover, we should place the Way above any person. All in all, if we can see big as small and vice versa, peace and stability will be with us wherever we go.