Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     The Triple Truth are the Truth of Emptiness, The Truth of Falseness and the Truth of Means.
2.     The Three Delusions are the Delusion on View, the Delusion on Thought, and the Delusion on Fundamental Ignorance.
3.     In order to break the Three Delusions, one has to practice the Threefold Contemplations.
4.     According to Tien-tai sect, there are two aspects in contemplation, one is "Chih" and the other is "Kuan".
5.     "Chih" is something like Vipasyana, while "Kuan" is Samatha.
6.     "Chih" means the cessation to any erroneous thinking in our mind.
7.     The highest contemplation, as classified by Tien-tai sect is the Perfect and Immediate Chih-Kuan [y[].
8.     The Expedient Preparations are the requirements for the practitioners to fulfill in practicing Chih-Kuan.
9.     The practitioner will either take the Twenty-five Expedient Preparations or the Ten Modes of Contemplation in the path of cultivation, according to the Four Doctrines in Tien-tai sect.
10.     By achieving the tenth mode of contemplation, one will enter the First Abode in the practice, as referred to the Ten Abodes in the cultivation.