Many people nowadays pay much attention to education on life. In reality, the center of life is so much more meaningful. People usually center their lives around their family, career, or children. However, these external conditions in life change easily with circumstances, and life can become chaotic and restless. Therefore, we should center our life on the following:

1. Loving-kindness: Loving-kindness is the center of life. The origin of life is love, and it is also love that sustains life. Without love, a life can no longer exist. However, there is both pure and tainted love. We need to develop our pure love and turn our selfish and narrow love to universal love for all. Loving-kindness allows us to "honor and love all seniors and children as much as we do our own." We need love not only to one person, family, country, nation but also the whole world. Moreover, we should respect things whether clothing, furniture, or a utensil so that they will be where they belong and be properly used. Because of our love and protection, they will be able to function well. Love, therefore, becomes meaningful. Life loses its value without love and compassion.

2. Ideals: Ideals should be a center in life. For a cow or a horse, they only have grass and water in life, and because of their simple needs and limited thinking abilities, they can only be cows and horses. Pigs and dogs only have three meals a day from their owners, and they are, therefore, confined inside the sty or house most the time. They become the slaves of humans. On the other hand, people should have ideals. As the Chinese saying goes, "A man should have broad ideals in the four directions." We should have the vow to benefit our hometown and save our nation and its citizens. Or, we should cultivate morals and knowledge and be willing to sacrifice for the truth. These are all ideals.

3. Hope: Our life should be filled with hope. With hope there is future. The reason hwy people commit suicide is that they see no alternative to their misery. Therefore, we should keep lighting the torch of hope and think of how big and bright the future is and how we can travel the world. People are benevolent, and they can all be our friends. There is much work to be done, and we can always contribute. There is also so much to learn. We can never be without hope. We can hope to be an artist, a statesman, a scientist, or a volunteer in social services. We should hope for praise of others, recognition of our achievement, a higher position in life as we grow and expand. Let hope be the center of life.

4. Substance: Our life should have substance. We should be equipped with many qualities such as ethics, refinement, knowledge, character, and diligence. We should change our knowledge to wisdom, and transform from being ordinary into saintly. That all depends on our substance. We need to give off the light of life and human nature. In addition, we should be giving out the fragrance of our refinement. We must center our life in living and in realizing the meaning of life.