Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     'Chen Yen' means "the words of truth" of the Buddha.
2.     'Chen Yen' is an esoteric school in Buddhism, as it has to be directly transmitted by Guru to the disciples.
3.     Chen Yen School is classified as Vajrayana, because Vajra is its dominant symbol.
4.     In Japan, Chen Yen school is called Soto school.
5.     Chen Yen Sect was transmitted to China in 7th Century by Nagarjuna.
6.     One of the principal texts in Chen Yen sect is Mahavairocana Sutra.
7.     The Three Wheels of Buddhism, as interpreted by Chen Yen Sect, is Mantra, Mudra and Mandala.
8.     Reciting particular phrases and words called Dharani is one of the major practice in Tantric Buddhism.
9.     "Om" is regarded as the original and the first word of many Mantras.
10.     Mandala is a mystic object or diagram that the esoteric teachings can be transmitted in Tantric Buddhism.