Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     In Cheng Yen sect, the Five Kinds of Dharma Body are incorporated in the Dharma Body of Vairocana Buddha.
2.     Abhisheka is an essential starting point in the path of Buddhahood, according to Cheng Yen sect.
3.     In Cheng Yen sect, the word "A" (Şü) represents the Real Mark Prajna, which is non-production and non-extinction.
4.     Cheng Yen sect is also known as Buddha Mind School.
5.     Chan is translated in Chinese from the word Zen.
6.     Yoga, a unique method of meditation, was developed by Shakyamuni Buddha in India.
7.     The first patriarch of Chan school in China was Mahakasyapa.
8.     In the Dharma assembly in Vulture Peak, Shakyamuni Buddha passed the Kimbhala flower to Mahakasyapa, who then received the Heart Dharma.
9.     After Bodhidharma offended Emperor Liang, he had the wall meditation for 9 years in Shao-lin Temple.
10.     The highest level of enlightenment is known as Annutara-samyak-sambodhi.