Space is a great truth in this world. However, while millions of people live within "space," they do not realize its importance. Most people think that space or emptiness is nothing. In reality, it is only when there is space that all phenomena can exist. Without space, where can we be? Only empty glasses can hold water, a vacant house allows for occupancy of people, and our organs within us can function well because of the space therein. So the meaning of emptiness is actually having and existence! It is because there is space in the universe, it s possible for the wondrous arrangement of mountains, oceans, plains, and plateaus, creating a beautiful world for us to enjoy. Within his space, we can appreciate the blooming lowers, chirping birds, flowing rivers, and people coming and going.

In space, there seems to be no boundaries, fences, or any obstacles. In reality, airplanes lying in it have set routes and ships sailing the oceans their destinations. Cars on the roads come and go in all directions, but they also follow certain paths. Skyscrapers rise high into the clouds, and museums exhibit images of the universe in microcosm. Painters, architects, and engineers all perform wonders in orchestrating he space of the universe. Conversely, many people are ruining this space. For instance, in wars they plot their strategy for the frontlines, backups, left and right closing in or surrounding from all directions. The space on this great Earth becomes devastated by war and its people killed and injured. Why do you allow people to commit such crimes?

As a city grows and develops from its center, there are long and straight roads, circular open plazas, undulating parks, and rectangular commercial complexes. In addition, there are also mansions, bungalows, shops, stalls…. They layer one another forming interesting skylines. Space exists in the world, cities, villages, and homes. In decorating a home, we make good use of the space available by arranging furniture, paintings, and bric-a-brac in their right place.

There is also space within our bodies. Our yes, ears, nose, tongue, and limbs must be arranged in the right way. Otherwise, we do not look like a person. Most people in the world bicker over money, some fight over time, and others over space, complaining about having too much here or too little there. However, only he best people compete over ethics.

Countries fight over territory, towns, and cities, and no one is willing to give an inch. Most people request a land survey by professionals to measure how much space they own. They do not realize that space actually exists right inside their minds. Once a man was fighting with his neighbor over building a wall between their two houses. He wrote a letter to his father who was an imperial official in the capital to complain. However, his father wrote the following in reply, "You send me a letter ten thousand miles away just for a wall. Why not simply give three feet to him? While the Great Wall still exists today, where is Emperor Qin who built it?"