Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     According to Buddhism, the fate of death/rebirth is merely dependent of the Karma, i.e. the deeds and thoughts in our past lives.
2.     It is believed in Pure Land Buddhism that one can be reborn in Western Paradise, if one recites the name of Amitabha Buddha ten times wholeheartedly at the moment of dying.
3.     In order to have better control of our fate during the final moment of our life, one has to get prepared well and practice to avoid any rational and emotional drawbacks.
4.     "Supportive recitation" is a common practice in Pure Land Buddhism in order to facilitate the rebirth of a dying person to the Pure Land.
5.     According to Pure Land Buddhism, weeping and crying is required before and after death, so as to show respect and love to the dead person.
6.     Funeral arrangement must be grand if one wishes to be reborn in Pure Land after death.
7.     One of the signs or evidences of the rebirth in Pure Land is a scent of unique perfume will spread around the dying person at the moment of his death.
8.     The body of the beings in Sukhavati is pure and clean, without sexual desire.
9.     One of the symptoms when the heavenly beings are dying is that there is unpleasant smell in the body.
10.     When one has got rid of the evils of the two illusions, i.e. deluded views and thoughts, one will be reborn in the Land of Adorned Real Reward.