Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     In preparation of Tantric practices, one has to take preliminary practices first.

Four Mulayogas are also known as Four Foundation Yogas, as they are the common or ordinary preliminaries forming the foundation of Tantric practices.

3.     In Tibetan Buddhism, apart from taking refuge to the Three Jewels, the Buddhist always take refuge to the Three Roots too.
4.     Yidam is a Tibetan word, which means meditational diety as the root of accomplishment.
5.     The first two of Four Foundation Yogas represents the Hinayana and Mahayana component of Buddhism.
6.     In the Fourth Foundation Yoga, the Mantra practice enhances the positive factors in attaining enlightenment.
7.     In Tibetan Buddhism, the Tantric initiation is essentially a transmission of spiritual power from the Guru master, therefore it is sometimes called "empowerment".
8.     In Hinayana, the attainment of Enlightenment is interpreted as the acquisition of the Three Bodies of the Buddha.
9.     Dharmakaya or Dharma Body of the Buddha is the ultimate essence, which can only be visualized by Buddhas.
10.     The Four Tantras are namely Action Tantra, Performance Tantra, Yoga Tantra and Anuttara Yoga.