There dwelt in Savatthi city, a female ascetic called Cinca-manvika, who was as pretty as a goddess. The heretical teachers, who did not get enough alms and were envious of the Buddha attempted to destroy His reputation by setting her to make a false accusation against Him. She wrapped a scarlet shawl round her and pretended to pay visits to the Buddha at Jetavana Monastery at nightfall, though, as a matter of fact, she slept at the monastery of the heretical teachers, and at day break she entered the city as if she was coming back from the Buddha at Jetavana Monastery. In this way she caused doubts to arise in the minds of devotees returning in the evening from the monastery after hearing a sermon from the Buddha, and those who were going there early in the morning to pay their respects to the Buddha. After a period of about nine months she placed a wooden knob against her stomach and tied it with an apron round her body to make it appear that she was big with child. Then she approached the Buddha who was preaching and made a false and wicked accusation thus: "Why have you not prepared my confinement room?" The gods appeared as mice and bit loose the apron round her body, when the knob of wood fell before the audience, and she was given a sound beating and driven away.