50. Parinibbana (death) of the Buddha in the Sala Grove of Kusinara State

From His 35th year, the date of His Enlightenment, the Buddha's successful ministry lasted 45 years. When He attained His 80th year the Buddha had an attack of dysentery and lay down on a couch with its head to the north between twin sal-trees in the Sala Grove of Kusinara State. Men, higher and lower gods and monks were gathered, in large numbers, near the Blessed One in respectful adoration.

Though he was very weak and weary, the Buddha was still addressing those present with words of exhortation. After addressing them the whole night the Blessed One spoke His last words, when it was nearing dawn, as follows:-"Behold, O disciples, I exhort you. Subject to decay are all conditioned things. Strive on with heedfulness". The Buddha then attained the Ecstasies and arrived at the cessation of perception and sensation, and finally the Blessed One passed away; and there was an earthquake to mark His death.