This series of "Buddha's Life" finally comes to the end. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge again, as we did in our Editorials, that the images, titles as well as the text in this series of the "Buddha's Life" are taken from "The Illustrated History of Buddhism" by The Young Men's Buddhist Association, Rangoon, reprinted by The Thervada Buddhist Society of America.

What are the values that emerge from the Buddha's life story? We would like to quote from the famous lecture given by Dr Peter D. Santina on the "Fundamentals of Buddhism". In this lecture, when Dr Santina talks about the life of Buddha, he says that these values are "renunciation, loving-kindness and compassion, and wisdom. These three values emerge very clearly through episodes in the Buddha's own life."

In the same lecture, Dr Santina also points out: "these three qualities between them equal the attainment of Nirvana...because...there are three defilements that cause us to be born again and again - the defilement of desire, ill-will and ignorance". Later on, Dr Santina reminds us, "renunciation is the antidote for desire, loving-kindness and compassion is the antidote for ill-will, and wisdom is the antidote for ignorance. Through cultivating these three qualities one is able to eliminate the defilements and attain enlightenment. So it is no accident that these qualities should stand out so prominently in the life of the Buddha."

With such words from Dr Santina, we wrap up this series on the life story of the Buddha. Once again, thank you for your support in viewing this 11-part series. We look forward to bringing to you illustrated presentations on other aspects of Buddhism in future.