So too are sensation, recognition, volition and consciousness.


For instance, our body is included among the form-dharmas. The Four Great Elements establish a visible corporation called "form-body". The corporation comes into being from the four conditioned causes : earth, which is characterized by solidity and durability; water, which is characterized by moisture; fire, which is characterized by warmth/energy; wind, which is characterized by air movement. When the four conditioned causes disperse, each has a place to which it returns; therefore, the body becomes empty.

Once the body is formed, we have the sensation/feelings of pleasure and suffering. With the desire of pleasant feeling, we give rise to the false thinking that the pleasant feeling is permanent. Then, we have to go and do it; this is mental formation/volition. Thus, we have the consciousness in our mind, with respect to the experience of what we act.

This is the psychological analysis of the mind of a human body. However, all the Five Skandhas are empty of characteristics lacking of a nature of their own. They have no nature of their own; their substance is empty. Their origination of existence is dependent on other's existences.

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