Therefore, in emptiness: there is no matter, no sensation, recognition, volition nor consciousness,


This sentence refers back and elaborates the meaning of emptiness with respect to the Five Skandhas. The File Skandhas are empty; and in emptiness, there are no Five Skandhas. For instance, in emptiness character of all Drarmas, which is also regarded as the reality character, there is no character of matter to be attained, as the matter's own nature is the emptiness character of all Dharma. It is the same for all other four Skandhas.

As the Five Skandhas represent the body and mind of the sentient being, therefore, there is no sentient being of its own nature. If the body is empty, there will be no suffering of birth, aging, illness and death. If the mind is empty, there will be no birth, dwelling, changing and extinction. If both body and mind are empty, the Buddha's nature, which is our own nature will emerge.

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