no field of the eye up to no field of mental consciousness,


This sentence mentions the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination. The Twelve Links are ignorance, volition, consciousness, body/mind, six sensory organs, contact, sensation/feeling, desire, attachment, existence/becoming, birth, and aging and death. It is also the theory abided by the Enlightened to Conditions Arhat.

In emptiness, there is no ignorance. As there is no ignorance, of course, there is no ending of ignorance in emptiness too. This principle applies to all other eleven links up to aging and death.

The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination is one of the basic concept illustrating the causal relationship and interdependence of the Twelve Links, which together constitute the existence and continuation of life.

In the Heart Sutra, it indicates that the Twelve Links are non-existent in emptiness. In other words, in emptiness, there is no existence and continuation of life.

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