and Far away from erroneous views and wishful-thinking, Ultimately : The Final Nirvana.


If one keeps all the distorted dream-thinking, wishful-thinking, false thing and erroneous views, one will reach the state of Final Nirvana.

Layman has Four Distorted Thinking:

  1. Regard the impure body as pure
  2. Regard the suffering sensation as happy
  3. Regard the impermanent mind as permanent
  4. Regard the "not-self" Dharma as self

Arhat also has Four Distorted Thinking:

  1. Attach to impureness, but no not envisage pureness of Dharma-body
  2. Attach to suffering, but do not envisage the happiness of Ultimate Nirvana
  3. Attach to "not-self" Dharma, but do not envisage the "liberated self"
  4. Attach to impermanence, but do not envisage the permanence of Buddha's nature

Bodhisattva practices the Profound Prajna-paramita, keeping all the distorted thinking, thus certifies the Ultimate Nirvana, which is the final and perfect stillness.

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