Therefore, realize that Prajna-paramita is the great wondrous mantra, the unsurpassed mantra, and the unequalled mantra.


Mantra is a treatise with mystical meaning which represents the name, word and deed of a Bodhisattva and Buddha. The mantra presented by Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is the result of his practice of the profound Prajna-paramita.

The mantra is so wondrous, spiritual and powerful that it can clear the Three Obstacles, cross beyond all sentient beings.

The mantra is so bright and radiant that it can eradicate all the ignorance and afflictions of sentient beings.

The mantra is so supreme and unsurpassed that it reaches the fruition of Buddha, i.e. the very final and ultimate enlightenment.

The mantra is unequalled because prajna is the "mother" of all Buddha, thus nothing can be equal to it.

These four adjectives are used to describe the extraordinary merits and virtues of the mantra.

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