A son went to ask Ch'an Master Fo-kuang to perform chanting for his deceased father. Because the son was worried that it might be too expensive, he repeatedly asked about the cost. The Master was not pleased with the son's stinginess and replied, "It will cost ten ounces of silver to chant the Amitabha Sutra."

The son exclaimed, "Ten ounces of silver? That's too expensive! How about giving me a twenty-percent discount? Eight ounces, okay?"

The Master agreed.

As the chanting was about to end, the Master murmured, "Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions, please transfer all the merits from this chanting to the deceased person so that he can go to the Eastern Pure Land."

The son protested, "Master, I've only heard of people going to the Western Pure Land, but I have never heard of the Eastern Pure Land."

The Master said, "It takes ten ounces of silver to transfer your father to the Western Pure Land. You insisted on having a twenty-percent discount, so your father can only go to the Eastern Pure Land."

The son replied, "In that case, I will give you two more ounces. Please transfer my father to the Western Pure Land."

Suddenly, the father spoke from his coffin, "You scrooge! Just because you wanted to save two ounces of silver, you made me go back and forth from the East to the West. Do you know how tiring that is?"


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