Thank you for your continuing support in viewing the Volume 4, Issue one of our Internet Buddhism Magazine, "The Buddhist Door".

In this issue, "Buddhism in a Nutshell" Part 43 is on Buddhism in India and Part 44 on The Early Busshism in China. "Zen Story" continues with the story on Real Lies and False Lies. In the section on Buddhist Sutra, we present the Fourth Part on the "Lotus Sutra". The section on "Dharma Dew" includes 2 articles, namely "Mere Consciousness of Buddhism (Part 2)- How to Guide our Hearts and Mind"and "Faith, Understanding, Practice and Realization (Part 4)". A new section on China's Buddism Mountain Sanctuaries starts with an introduction of the four mountains as well as a description of the Mount Wutai.

Starting from next issue, we will establish a readers organization known as Buddhist Seed Club, which will sponsor forums for open discussions on philosophies, views, theories and concepts in Buddhism as well as for sharing experiences in practicing Buddhism. Buddhist masters will be invited to act as moderators for the discussion forums. You as readers are most welcome to suggest topics for discussions. The format of the discussions will be announced later. Please stay tuned.