Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     In Buddhism, the Three Jewels are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.    
2.     The great master Tao-an (312-385 A.D.) established the first native Sangha in China.    
3.     Tao-an translated many sutras and Buddhist scriptures, and compiled a comprehensive catalogue, the first of its kind.    
4.     It is a mandatory rule in Buddhism that ordained monks and nuns have to change their surname to "Shih" ().    
5.     Tao-an sent his followers to invite Kumarajiva to translate the Buddhist scriptures in China. Kumarajiva agreed, then came to meet Tao-an.    
6.     In early Buddhism, Chinese people liked to read Buddhist stories and moral teachings because they were easily understood.    
7.     Majority of the Buddhist scriptures was brought to China via Silk Road.    
8.     Chu Shih-hsing () was regarded as one of the first Chinese pilgrims to India.    
9.     Buddhist theories were expounded in China because the translators explained the Buddhist scriptures by traditional Taoist philosophical terms.    
10.     Some of the original texts in Sanskrit were no longer used, lost and destroyed because they were replaced by the translated ones in Chinese.