Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     In ancient China, people liked to take the name of one's birthplace as a surname for the foreigner.
2.     The earliest sutra extant is "The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters".
3.     Tan-ti was famous in translating the Vinaya, which commenced the monastic rules and precepts of Sangha in China.
4.     One of the most sutras in Pure Land Sect, Larger Sukhavativyuha, was translated by Samharaman in 252 A.D.
5.     Dharmaraksha was known as Tun-huang Bodhisattva.
6.     The extant Agama Sutras were co-translated by both Dharmaraksha and Dharmanandi as they were brothers.
7.     There were 3 versions in the translation of Avatamsaka Sutra. The version with 60 fasiciles was translated by Buddhabhadra in 418-421 A.D.
8.     Fa Hsin was regarded as the first important Chinese pilgrim, who wrote "Record of the Buddhist Kingdoms" around 400 A.D.
9.     Paramartha was said to be one of the greatest translators comparable to Kumarajiva, as he translated over 50 scriptures in over 120 fasiciles.
10.     Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra, i.e. Diamond Sutra in 1 fasicile was translated by Parajnaruchi in 558-559 A.D.