Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     In Chinese, they call sect or school as tsung.
2.     Most of the Chinese patriarchs would like to advocate their own knowledge and experience in Buddhism, so different sects were established.
3.     As a result of the establishment of different sects, splitting in Buddhism was inevitable in China.
4.     Buddhist doctrines are complicated and huge, thus they have to be simplified symmetrically in order to facilitate people to study.
5.     All Ten Great Sects in China are Mahayana sects.
6.     As originated from the Indian Buddhism, Three Shastra Sect ,i.e. San-lun Tsung is categorized to be the classical sect in China.
7.     Chan Sect and Pure Land Sect are very popular in China, so they are called popular sects.
8.     Some sects were originated and developed in China, e.g. Hua-yen Sect.
9.     Shakyamuni established different sects for the people whose roots, abilities and interests are varied.
10.     Zen is commonly called in Japan, which is equivalent to Chan in China.