Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     Cha-she is transliterated from Sanskrit word Kosha, which means "store".
2.     Ching-shih was the name of the founder of the Ching-Shih sect.
3.     Ching-shih was regarded as the classical school as it was inherited from the Indian doctrinal "Realistic school".
4.     Both Chu-she sect and Ching-Shih sect are classified as Hinayana.
5.     The ideal of Hinayana is Arhatship.
6.     The principal text of chu-she sect is Abhidharma-kosha written by Asanga.
7.     The principal text of ching-shih sect is Satyasiddhi-Shastra written by Harivarman.
8.     Emptiness of self emptiness of Dharma are the basic concept of The Two Truth Theory advocated by cheng-shih sect.
9.     There are 28 levels of fruition in the course of cultivation towards Buddhahood, as listed by cheng-shih sect.
10.     Chu-she sect was finally merged with another Mahayana Sect-Fa-hsien sect in China.