Quiz on Buddhism

  Yes     No  
1.     Lu Sect is classified as classical one, as it is inherited from India.
2.     Lu Sect is also known as Nan-shan sect.
3.     Vinaya is a common teaching for all Buddhists, therefore all Buddhists are actually practitioner of Lu Sect.
4.     The founder of Lu Sect in China was Master Tao-husan.
5.     As Vinaya School is regarded as Hinayana, thus Lu Sect in China is also classified as Hinayana.
6.     The principal text of Lu Sect in China is Four-category Vinaya.
7.     Upasika is the male lay Buddhists who uphold the Five Precepts.
8.     The full precepts upheld ( 㨬 ) by Bhikni and Bhiksuni are the same.
9.     The Precept Form ( ٬ ) are the precepts upheld by the seven assemblies.
10.     The Precepts upheld by the seven assemblies are classified as the differentiated precepts ( O ).