Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     San-lun sect, or Three Shastra Sect is named from the three shastras, which are the principal texts of this sect.
2.     San-lun sect is not a classical school, as it is not inherited from the Indian tradition.
3.     Chih-tsang was the founder of San-lun sect, who wrote many commentaries on the three shastras.
4.     The basic doctrine of San-lun sect can be summarized as two, one is "no-mark" and the other is "no-attachment".
5.     The sect used to criticize and reject almost all other teachings including the heterodox on cause and effect, the teaching of Kosa, the teaching of Satyasiddhi, etc.
6.     The teaching of Double Truths, i.e. Real Truth and Common Truth was elaborated and refined by Chih-tsang of San-lun sect.
7.     The Eight Negation of Middle Way as advocated by Nagarjuna is as follows:
    Neither birth nor death
    Neither increase or decrease
    Neither pure nor impure
    Neither coming nor going
8.     The fifty-two positions of Buddhisattvas is stipulated in one of the Three Shastras in San-lun sect, Madhyamika-karikas Shastra, i.e. the Middle Treatise.
9.     The first of the fifty-two positions of Bodhisattvas is faith.
10.     The last two stages of the fifty-two positions of Bodhisattvas are Samyaksambodhi and Wonderful Enlightenment.