Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     Fa-hsiang sect was originated from Yogacara school in India.
2.     Fa-hsiang sect was founded by Kuei-chi, who resided in Tzu-yun Temple, so Fa-hsiang was also known as Tzu-yun sect.
3.     The most important text of Fa-hsiang sect is the Treatise on the Establishment of Mere Consciousness, which is regarded as the encyclopedia of Fa-hsiang doctrines.
4.     Fa-hsiang adheres firmly to the Doctrine of Mean, thus it was established to be the Middle Path Teaching in the classification of Buddhist teachings.
5.     The forerunner of Fa-hsing is another sect in China, known as Ti-lun(Ĥa½×).
6.     There are eight consciousnesses, out of which the eighth consciousness is the master of mind.
7.     Only the sixth consciousness, i.e. Mano consciousness possesses all 51 nos. Dharmas of Mental Functions, which is like the CPU of the computer.
8.     The function of Manas consciousness is to create a self-identity to perceive all objective matters and phenomena in the external world.
9.     The seeds perfumed and stored in Alaya consciousness are directly related to our Karmas (what we do in the past), which are then influential to our future.
10.     The Alaya consciousness is usually regarded as the "soul" that brings us to another life in the process of everlasting incarnation.