Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     All Dharmas regarding good and evil, happiness and suffering are categorized as the Dharma of Dependence Upon Others.
2.     The five kinds of Dharmas is further subdivided into one hundred Dharmas.
3.     Amongst A Hundred Dharmas, all Dharmas of mental functions are based on the Mind Dharmas.
4.     The fifty-one Dharmas of metal functions can be grouped into, namely (1) general (2) special (3) good (4) evil (5) minor evil (6) indeterminate.
5.     Amongst A Hundred Dharmas, all Dharmas are associated with Mind Dharmas and Form Dharmas.
6.     Amongst A Hundred Dharmas, all Dharmas are considered to be conditional except one, which is called Unconditioned/Non-created Dharma.
7.     According to the doctrine of Fa-hsiang, all eight consciousnesses can be manifested to he object-domains and Dharmas under different casual conditions.
8.     If we break the view of being-self, we will liberate from the Obstruction of Wrong View.
9.     The ultimate goal of Fa-hsiang practice is to transform Alaya consciousness to Wisdom of Magnificent Mirror.
10.     The doctrine of the Fivefold Practice in Mere Consciousness summarizes the five different levels of contemplation in their process of cultivation of Fa-hsiang sect.