Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     As the founder of Hua-yen sect was Hsien-Shou, the sect was also known as Hsian-shou sect.
2.     Based on the Avatamsaka Sutra, the principal text of the sect, Hua-yen sect was originated from India.
3.     There are three versions in Chinese translation of Avatamsaka Sutra, which are of 40, 60 and 80 chapters.
4.     Huy-yen sect classifies its own teachings to be the "Round Teaching of One Vehicle".
5.     Dharmadhatu is defined as the realm with its own definite boundaries or frame of reference with the designated condition.
6.     The Doctrine of Simultaneous Arising states that all the realms arise and exist together simultaneously.
7.     The Doctrine of Simultaneous Arising and the Doctrine of Simultaneous Non-obstruction are the two major concepts of Dharmadhatu expounded in Hua-yen philosophy.
8.     Based on the theory of Mutual Penetration and Mutual Identity, Hua-yen sect creates the most magnificent scale in the cosmic world.
9.     The objective of the Fa-tsang's Hall of Mirror is to illustrate what the cosmic world looks like.
10.     According to Hua-yen's theory of Mutual Penetration and Mutual Identity , the universe can be infinitely large or small in a relative sense, depending on how you measure it.