Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     According to "the Meditation on the Dharmadhatu" written by Master Tu-shun, "Li" (Principle/Law) must embrace "Shih" (Phenomena/Event) and vice versa.
2.     Amongst the Four Dharmadhatu, the ultimate and the only Dharmadhatu that truly exists is the Dharmadhatu of Non-obstruction of "Li" against "Shih".
3.     Amongst the Four Kinds of Dependent Arising, the arising from Karmic influence is the fundamental one expounded by Hua-yen sect.
4.     The Three Points of View of Dharmadhatu is established by the founder of Hua-yen sect, Master Tu-shun.
5.     "On the Golden Lion" is another great treatise written by the founder of Hua-yen sect, Master Tu-shun.
6.     The Perfect Harmony of Six Characteristics of Dharmas is to illustrate the immanent characteristics possessed by each Dharma.
7.     The mystery of non-obstruction of vastness and narrowness is one of the Ten Mysteries expounded by Hua-yen sect.
8.     The Ten Mysteries are regarded as the elaboration of the Non-obstruction Dharmadhatu of Event against Event, i.e. "Shih" against "Shih".
9.     In Buddhism, obstruction simply refers to ignorance.
10.     Hua-yen sect was developed earlier than Tien-tai sect in China.