Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     Ten Subtleties is the doctrine stipulated in the Profound Meaning of Lotus Sutra.
2.     In Tien-tai Buddhism, the objects of contemplation are summarized in ten realms, which is the same as the Ten Realms from Hell Being to Buddha.
3.     The highest realm as the object of contemplation in Tien-tai Buddhism is the Buddha.
4.     Samadhi of Constant Sitting in Tien-tai sect is similar to that practice under the same name in Chan sect in China.
5.     One has to hold the image of Amitabha Buddha in consciousness in order to enter Samadhi of Constant Walking.
6.     Identity of the Buddha in Six Degrees is derived from the 52 stages to Buddhahood in Differentiated or Separate Teaching in Tien-tai sect.
7.     Stage of Five Preliminary Grades of Disciple is equivalent to the Identity of Contemplative Practice, as far as the cultivation in Tien-tai sect is concerned.
8.     In the Contemplative Practice in Tien-tai sect, the devotee has to cultivate the Five Aspects of Repentance zealously.
9.     Both Tien-tai and Hua-yen are scholastic school without India counterpart in China.
10.     Based on the doctrine of Dharmakaya Buddha, both Tien-tai and Hua-yen explains that all phenomena are just manifestations of the Buddha Nature, and are inter-penetrating with each other.