Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     The painted figures, the letters and the symbol in the Mandala represent the Three Mysteries in Tantric Buddhism.
2.     Basically, there are two separate and independent realms according to Tantric Buddhism, namely Vajradhatu and Garbahadhatu.
3.     Vajradhatu is the Dharmakaya of Vairocana Buddha, representing the realm of law.
4.     Vajradhatu is related to the consciousness amongst the Six Great Elements.
5.     There are four divisions of Vajradhatu represented by Aksobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddi.
6.     The Six Great Elements are Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body and Mind/Consciousness.
7.     As the law and wisdom of the Buddha are intrinsically possessed in complete perfection within individual sentient being, everyone can potentially attain Buddhahood.
8.     The Ten Abodes of Mind is regarded as the classification of teaching in Cheng Yen Sect.
9.     Amongst the Ten Abodes of Mind in Cheng Yen Sect, the highest one is the Adorned Mind in Secret.
10.     According to Chen Yen Sect, the Six Kinds of Fearlessness are the practices that can free people from afflictions.