Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     Hui Ko could not find the heart (mind) and give it to Bodhidharma for being paciified.
2.     Seng Tsan, the Third Patriarch died while he was swinging on a tree by one hand.
3.     The flesh body of Hui Neng was still kept in the Stupa in Quangdong.
4.     Seng Tsan transmitted the Dharma, including robe and the bowl to Hung Jen.
5.     Hui Neng was well versed in Buddhist Tripitka, and was enlightened upon hearing the Diamond Sutra.
6.     The Chinese Chan which emphasizes the transmission from master to disciple is called Patriarchal Chan.
7.     Chan is regarded as an enlightenment attained by one's own power.
8.     Direct pointing at the mind is the most effective way to attain enlightenment. This tradition is still common nowadays.
9.     The Chan practitioner is required to think carefully and find out the ultimate answer for each Kung An.
10.     One of the common Hua Tou in Chan Buddhism is "Who's reciting the Buddha's name?"