Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     Amongst the five sects developed after Sixth Patriarch, Kuei Yang and Lin Chi were the earliest ones established.
2.     The founders of Kuei Yang sect were the Great masters Ma Tsu and Pai Chang.
3.     Hsuen Feng who succeeded the Dharma from Te Shan founded Yun Men sect.
4.     Kuei Yang sect used to train his disciples in using the doctrine of substance and function.
5.     Lin Chi sect was noted for giving shout.
6.     Tsao Tung sect were noted for its one word answer.
7.     Fa Yen sect urges all disciples to realize the identity of One Mind.
8.     All Buddha and all sentient beings are no different from One Mind, as they possess the same fundamental Mind.
9.     Mind Dharma can be transmitted from heart to heart, or word by words, at the discretion of the Chan masters.
10.     One of the main characteristics of Chan art is naturalness.