Quiz on Buddhism

      Yes     No  
1.     Pure Land sect was only developed in China without any Indian origin.
2.     "White Lotus Society", the first origination to practice reciting Buddha's name, was established by Master Tan Luan.
3.     The three branches of Pure Land sect, namely, Hui Yuan, Tan Luan and Tzu Min, were developed more or less the same time in 400A.D.
4.     Pure Land sect is entirely different from other sects, e.g. Chan sect, so no Chan masters spread the Pure Land teachings.
5.     The primary activity in Pure Land sect is invoking the name of the Buddha.
6.     Shan Tao is generally regarded as the first patriarch of Pure Land sect in Japan.
7.     The 48 great vows made by Amitabha Buddha are stipulated in The Smaller Amitabha Sutra.
8.     Sukhavati is the only one Pure Land introduced by Shakyamuni Buddha because it is the best.
9.     The former life of Amitabha Buddha was Dharmasaka, who was a Bhiksu in the era of Lokesvararaja Tathagata.
10.     As there are birds in Sukhavati, it means animal beings, one of the evil paths, can be born there.