Quiz on Buddhism

      Yes     No  
1.     As Pure Land Buddhism is suitable for people with different "roots", there is no qualification for them to be reborn in Pure Land.
2.     The Three Essentials for the rebirth in Pure Land are "faith, vow and action".
3.     The Three Essentials also determines the class or level of rebirth, as Master Qu I said.
4.     Pure Land Buddhism is primarily based on the faith in Amitabha Buddha in Sukhavati.
5.     Pure Land Buddhism is a religion of faith, thus practice is not really necessary in the rebirth in Pure Land.
6.     According to the Amitabha Sutra, if one utters the Buddha name ten times wholeheartedly with undisturbed mind, before death one will be reborn in Pure Land.
7.     Bodhi Mind means "to seek the Buddha Way upwards, while to transform sentient beings downwards".
8.     There are three grades, each with three forms of rebirth, so that there are nine classes of people can be reborn in Sukhavati.
9.     All beings are reborn in the lotus blossoms in Sukhavati.
10.     People who commit evil deeds, such as Ten Wicked Actions, the Five Rebellious Sins will have no chance at all to be reborn in Sukhavati.