Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     It is impossible to obliterate one's grave wrongdoings of eighty trillion eons of birth and death no matter how one recites the name of Amitabha Buddha sincerely.
2.     The most essential and effective way of Buddha Remembrance is the Buddha Remembrance by Real Mark.
3.     Louder the voice in reciting the Buddha's name, better results in Buddha Remembrance are.
4.     During Buddha Remembrance, it is important to keep the mind in concentration.
5.     No walking or lying is allowed during the recitation of the Buddha's name.
6.     In Contemplation Sutra, the Buddha taught Queen Vaidehi sixteen ways of wonderful meditation and contemplations in order to attain rebirth in Pure Land.
7.     For the busy practitioners, it is recommended to recite the Buddha's name by "Ten-breath Recitation".
8.     Mantra of Rebirth is the common Mantra held and recited by the devotees in Pure Land Buddhism.
9.     Remembering and Missing Buddha is a special method of seeking rebirth in Sukhavati adopted by Avalokitesavara Bodhisattva.
10.     The five Recollection Gates were identified by Master Tan Luan as the five practices in Pure Land Buddhism.