A new section opens! Let's recognize it - Vegetarian Culinary.

Veggie eating is almost a tradition of Chinese Buddhism. For many Chinese devotees who take refuge and believe in Buddhism, they attempt to be vegetarians as their first step in cultivation, though it is not mandatory in ancient Buddhism or Buddhism of Indian origin. Nowadays, many people like to be vegetarians, not just as a fashion, but for health reasons. Anyhow, there are numerous reasons and benefits being vegetarians. In this section, we introduce
the cooking menu with a couple of recipes prepared by the abbot of Tung Lin Kok Yuen in Hong Kong. We thank her for her kindness.

For the Teaching section, the topic of Pure Land Buddhism is about to close. After the introduction of the ten schools of Chinese Buddhism is finished, we shall continue to study Tibetian Buddhism, which some of our readers might be interested in.

All other sections continue.