Quiz on Buddhism

      Yes     No  
1.     Amongst the five main schools in Chinese Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism is the simplest and the most direct way in practices for ordinary people.
2.     The practice of Buddha recitation is fundamental in moral conducts, which is essential in Vinaya school.
3.     As the Teaching Buddhism, Hua Yen sect expounds Avatamsaka Realm, it has no close relationship with Pure Land in practice.
4.     The three main Sutras of Pure Land cover the teachings of the Five Periods and Eight Teachings classified by Tien Tai Sect.
5.     "Namo Amitabha Buddha" is not a Mantra.
6.     Reciting Buddha's name as practiced in Pure Land Buddhism, and meditating as practiced in Chan Buddhism is contradictory.
7.     According to Mind-only Pure Land, if the mind is pure, the land is pure. The Pure Mind is the enlightened Mind.
8.     To cultivate Buddha's recitation in purifying mind, one can avoid to get lost in one's demonic realms.
9.     As Pure Land is just mind, one can say that there is not any Pure Land.
10.     In principle, both hell and Pure Land are the manifestation of the mind.