Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     The majority of our belief is based on immediate or direct reasoning, i.e. our direct experience, rather than comparable reasoning and reasoning from the words of the sages.
2.     In Amitabha Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha quoted the earnest and sincere words of other Buddhas in six directions, so as to develop the faith of the followers.
3.     Blind faith must be the first step in developing different levels of faith in Pure Land Buddhism.
4.     In order to develop irreversible faith, one must have clear faith, aspiring faith and confident faith.
5.     Both Karma and Vijnapti (i.e. consciousness) are the dynamic of rebirth in Pure Land or any other world.
6.     The basic goal of Pure Land Buddhism is the rebirth of Pure Land, not really the attainment of Buddhism, so Pure Land Buddhism is an expedient teaching, rather than Wonderful Dharma.
7.     The native religion in Tibet is known as Bon.
8.     Being invited by the King Trison Detsen, Padmasambhava established Buddhism in Tibet in AD 770.
9.     "Terma" are the concealed teachings of Padmasambhava for the benefits of future generations of the Buddhist devotees in Tibet.
10.     Atisha was one of the important masters in the second dissemination of Tibetan Buddhism in 11th century.