Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     Tibetan Buddhists consider the Tantric practices to be the most potent and efficient method of attaining Enlightenment.

One of the features of Vajrayana Buddhism is to transform one's body, speech and mind into those of a fully enlightened Buddha by special Yoga means.

3.     In Tibetan Buddhism, a practitioner must strictly follow the instructions of his master called Guru in his practices.
4.     It is said that an initiation signifies the transmission of spiritual power from the Guru.
5.     Being a Guru or Lama in Tibetan Buddhism, he must be an ordained monk.
6.     Kanjur is the translated treatise containing the writings of Indian scholars and teachers.
7.     The Nyingma school is always referred as "red school" in Tibetan Buddhism.
8.     Lambre is the spiritual teaching in Sakya school in Tibet, which provides a systematic approach through meditation practices of both the Sutras and Tantras.
9.     The Kagyu school was founded by Marpa and Milarepa.
10.     The "Great Fifth" became the first Dalai Lama to lead a united Tibet in 17th century.