Quiz on Buddhism

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1.     According to Highest Yoga Tantra, our body and mind can exist in subtle level known as Vajra body, composed of channels, winds and drops.

The most important channel is the central one called "central channel".

3.     In Vajrayana, the subtle channels refer to the awakening mind.
4.     "The Eight Verses on Thought Training" is practiced for developing wisdom, instead of compassion.
5.     Tonglen is a meditation practice to develop Bodhicitta in Tibetan Buddhism.
6.     Dzogchen is described as a state of great perfection, the absolute fruition of the qualities of enlightenment.
7.     The Six Vajra Verses explain the primordial condition of the individual, summing up the essence of the base, the path and the fruit of Tonglen.
8.     Commencing the practice of Mahamudra, one must have an understanding based on the appreciation of the nature of mind, as transmitted by a qualified master.
9.     In Tibetan Buddhism, death is not scary, and considered to be an opportunity for spiritual liberation.
10.     In Tibetan Buddhism, Bardo is the same as the soul in Christianity.