In a monastery, two monks argued about one point regarding their master's teaching. One said yes and the other said no. Finally, they came in front of their master telling their understanding of the teaching.


After the first monk explained why he said yes, the master nodded his head and said that he was correct. The first monk was then very happy and went away. The other monk, of course, was not happy. He also explained to the master why he said no. Thinking for a while, the master also nodded his head and said that he was also correct. The monk was then satisfied and went away.


A little monk who was sitting beside the master was very puzzled. He said to his master, "Master, I do not understand. It is obvious that only one of them is correct. They cannot be both right. Why did you say that they are both correct?"


The master replied calmly, "Hm, you are correct too!"

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