Leading a Buddhist Life & The Principle of Cause and Effect

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1.     All bad Karma created in the past are due to the greed, hatred and stupidity without beginning i.e. The Three Poisons.    
2.     Five Precepts are the primary curriculum of the Buddhist teaching.    
3.     For most people, one of their stupidity is not believing the principle of cause and effect.    
4.     For Hinayana, sexual misconduct is the first great precept because it leads us to be reborn in future lives.    
5.     Buddhism rejects drinking alcoholic because taking intoxicant prohibit people from purifying our mind.    
6.     The salvation of people depends on taking refuge, because the Buddha ensures their blessings after their death.    
7.     We cannot change the effect of causes, but we can manage the conditions so as to influence the effect.    
8.     Though we kill an ant unintentionally, there has a Karma as a result.    
9.     When a cause comes to an effect, there must be a condition.    
10.     If one practises the Ten Wholesome Deeds, one will be reborn in Deva Realm enjoying all kinds of blessings without suffering.