The Four Noble Truths & The Noble Eightfold Paths

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1.     It is important to understand the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Paths because it explains the ways to liberate from the cycle of death and rebirth.    
2.     The cause of Suffering is Aggregation, and the cause of Way is Extinction. The Truths of Suffering, Aggregation, Extinction and Way are the Four Noble Truths.    
3.     The Sanskrit word Dukkha has a broader meaning as incompleteness and imperfection, not just suffering and pain.    
4.     Ignorance is the primary cause of suffering, and one of our greatest ignorance is to regard the self as real.    
5.     In Buddhism, the Three Poisons are money, sex and intoxicants. We should get rid of them.    
6.     To practise Buddhism, meditation is most fundamental and even more important than morality or taking precepts.    
7.     Samadhi refers to the profound, yet subtle and fine spiritual state in the course of meditation.    
8.     The higher we receive the education, the more wisdom we can attain because knowledge and wisdom is basically the same.    
9.     Right Livelihood means to respect for life, property, and personal relationship.    
10.     Right Understanding is the first step of the Noble Eightfold Paths.