When Ch'an Master Kuang-yung first went to visit Ch'an Master Yang-shan, the latter asked him, "What is the purpose of your visit?"

Kuang-yung answered, " I came to pay my respects to the Master."

Then Yang-shan inquired, "Have you seen the Master?"

Kuang-yung replied, "Yes, I have."

"Does the Master look like a donkey or a horse?"

Kuang-yung answered, "It seems to me that the Master does not look like a Buddha either!"

Yang-shan insisted, "If the Master does not look like a Buddha, then what does he look like?"

Kuang-yung replied, "If he looked like something, then he would be no different from a donkey or a horse."

Surprised, Yang-shan declared, "One should forget the difference between a Buddha and an average person and overcome all passions. Then one"s true nature will shine. In twenty years, no one will be able to surpass you. Take care of yourself!"

Later, Master Yang-shan told everyone, "Kuang-yung is a living Buddha."