The Five Aggregates & The Thirty-Seven Conditions

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1.     The Five Aggregates are the best to explain the mental development and composition of human beings.    
2.     It is said that the Five Aggregates are empty in nature, therefore our feelings, thoughts and attitudes are constantly subject to change under different conditions.    
3.     Amongst the Five Aggregates, feeling, perception and mental formation are related to emotion, while conception and morality are related to mental development.    
4.     With the presence of physical objects, the eye is the visual organ which can perceive and produce experience.    
5.     By contemplating the body as impure, we will liberate from all kinds of sufferings.    
6.     The Five Powers refers to the five spiritual psychic powers attained by the cultivation of mindfulness.    
7.     The Thirty-Seven Conditions of the Bodhi Way are the requirements of enlightenment in cultivation.    
8.     In the Thirty-Seven Conditions of the Bodhi Way, the foundation of cultivating the Buddhist Way is the Fourfold Dwelling of Mindfulness.    
9.     The Eightfold Paths and the Four Noble Truths are parts of the Thirty-Seven Conditions of the Bodhi Way.    
10.     Mind consciousness is able to recognize and discriminate in the presence of physical matter, as well as in the absence of physical matter.