The Buddhist Door has been established since 1995 for the sole purpose of propagating Buddhism, particularly Chinese Buddhism, in the western world. Our intended readers are all those who are interested in Buddhism, yet with little knowledge about it. Today, the extensive use of web/internet enables us to spread the teachings of Buddhism much more efficiently and effectively. To have a chance to study Buddhism is a rare chance in this Dharma Ending Age, so we have to treasure it.

The primary objective of Buddhism is to liberate us from suffering and to attain happiness. Furthermore, it can free us from the cycle of birth and death if we can reach a higher moral and spiritual development. The ultimate objective of Buddhism is, of course, Nirvana, which is one of the profound concepts in Buddhism. There are many other intermediate objectives set by different Buddhist schools or sects, which allow people to choose the suitable one for themselves. However, the ultimate objective is the same.

Through the Teaching section, one can gain an in-depth knowledge of Buddhism from different points of views and practices. The Pure Land sect is the last of the ten Chinese Buddhist sects introduced.

The Q&A section has reached the final episode. We'll start a new section to introduce Chinese veggie recipes in cooking delicious meals. Hope our readers would like it.