Thank you for your continuing support in viewing the Volume 4, Issue two of our Internet Buddhism Magazine, "The Buddhist Door".

In this issue, "Buddhism in a Nutshell" Part 45 is on The Critical Factors for the Propagation of Buddhism in Ancient China and Part 46 on Translation of Buddhist Scriptures in Ancient China. "Zen Story" continues with the story on Treasure the Present Moment. In the section on Buddhist Sutra, we present the Fifth Part on the "Lotus Sutra". The section on "Dharma Dew" includes 3 articles, namely "Roots of Our Practice", "The Three Seals of the Dharma" and "Daily Lives and Practising Buddhism" (in Chinese). The section on China's Buddhism Mountain Sanctuaries continues with Part 2 a description on Mount Emei.

Our archive of Buddhism resources started with a collection of Buddhist sutras covering, The Heart Sutra, The Diamond Sutra, The Brahma Net Sutra, The Sutra on the Buddha Amitayus, The Smaller Suhavativyuha Sutra, the Larger Suhavativyuha Sutra and the Sutra on Contemplation of Buddha Amitayus.